Filmmakers For Tomorrow Foundation (FFTF)
2009 Featured Filmmaker

Jonathan K.W. Chen is FFTF's 2009 Young Aspiring Filmmaker. This summer, he will work with a team of FFTF advisors, other young aspiring filmmakers, artists, actors, and musicians to direct and film"Broken Records." Jonathan currently resides in WashingtonDCand is a graduate of CornellUniversity with a B.A. in FilmStudies and Mathematics. He most recently served as a News Assistant and Production Assistant Intern for CNN, WashingtonDC

Jonathan's involvement in filmmaking began with a high school media art class that transformed his passing interest into a full-fledged fascination with the cinematic arts. As a film studies major, he has worked extensively on student films. Through these experiences, Jonathan has come to appreciate filmmaking as collaborative art in which everyone's participation counts. Because of the different roles he has played on set, Jonathan has grown to respect everyone's input on a project and diverse perspectives.  Jonathan understands the value of having a vision and a viable plan to execute it, as well as listening to critiques and maturing from other people'sadvice.


While volunteering in DC, Jonathan has also fostered an awareness of the diverse cultural heritage DC has to offer.  He hopes his experiences with FFTF this summer will bring together DC's cultural elements combined with the passion of other young filmmakers for the successful completion of Broken Records.


"I am excited about dedicating this summer to working on Broken Records and grateful for the Foundation's support and commitment to the local film community. I am encouraged and even challenged to be both an independent filmmaker who needs to not only be a creative thinker but also possess technical skills."

                      Jonathan K.W. Chen

"Broken Records" is a touching story of a man recently released from a mental institution and his struggle to adjust to "normal" life in a seemingly modern and complex world.

Enjoy photos documenting the progress of Jonathan and the FFTF team in the making of the Broken Records film.  To hear Jonathan's perspective on Michael, the main character of Broken Records, and to see film photos and video clips, check out our official Broken Records web page.
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