Filmmakers For Tomorrow Foundation (FFTF)
FFTF Grants and Programs

FFTF Grant Program.

FTFF is committed to providing grants to aspiring filmmakers ages 16-25, who are registered high school, college, and or graduate school students in the Washington, DC metro area.  Each year in the Spring and Fall, FFTF will award grants (if funding is available).  We anticipate providing $2,500.00 in grants to young filmmakers for Fall 2016.  Due to current economic conditions, we have postponed our Spring 2016 grants.  An updated application form and instructions for Fall 2016 will be posted in August. 


Our grant program is contingent upon the availability of funding. Please note that FFTF does not award grants to film projects of an R-rated nature (i.e., films that depict extreme violence or graphic nudity) or projects that glamorize the use of drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol.


FFTF Special Projects.

In addition to grant making, throughout the year FFTF will sponsor, develop and produce innovative film projects that reflect diverse community life in the greater Washington, DC area and in the United States. All of our projects are youth-oriented and supported by volunteers.


For more information on FFTF programs or to sign up as a volunteer, please contact us at

FFTF Special Projects (cont'd)

We are currently looking for volunteers to support two of our upcoming projects for 2014


The first project is for our documentary series "Through Their Eyes." The series explores cross-cultural identities, perceptions, and traditions from the perspectives of young people who represent diverse communities in the Washington metro area. The film project is being created for local public access television.


The second project is for our music video production program "Sound to Sight" in which local artists work with FFTF advisors, an aspiring producer, and team of FFTF volunteers to create a music video from start to finish.


FFTF 2016 Summer Film Program.


Each summer, FFTF will select an aspiring filmmaker between the ages of 16-25 to direct our youth-led Summer Film Project. During the months of June-August, the aspiring filmmaker will work with FFTF advisors and a team of volunteer students, including other young filmmakers, actors, and musicians to complete the project.  Once complete, we will submit the film for competition in national and local film festivals.


Volunteers for our summer program are selected on a competitive basis.

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