Filmmakers For Tomorrow Foundation (FFTF)

Our Mission
Filmmakers for Tomorrow Foundation (FFTF) is a
Washington, DC based (501c3) non-profit organization that provides young aspiring filmmakers with educational and financial resources.  FFTF's mission is to encourage and support diverse artistic and cinematic expression of American life among young filmmakers.  Through our grant program and youth-oriented projects, FFTF is developing the next generation of local filmmakers ages 16-25.  FFTF also seeks to establish a network of artists, professionals, and educators as mentors to young filmmakers to help sharpen their artistic talents.

FFTF is committed to providing local public high school, college and university film students with access to funding, equipment, education, and training.  FFTF also develops and supports youth-led film projects that reflect America's diversity and that of the Washington, DC metro community.

To learn more about FFTF grants and programs, please click on our "
FFTF Grants and Programs" web page.

           BROKEN RECORDS (2013)

Upcoming Screening of FFTF's "Broken Records" Film on December 15, 2013

FFTF has completed our second film Broken Records.  During our 2009 Summer Film Project, our Young Aspiring Filmmaker, Jonathan K.W. Chen worked with FFTF's team of industry advisors, educators, and other young aspiring filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians to direct and film “Broken Records.”  Click on our 2009 Featured Filmmaker link to learn more about the Director and to see photos from the making of the film.  Check out our Broken Records theme song and access film photos, video clips and more on our Broken Records web page.

Broken Records was written by American University graduate, Nick Shupper, who is the winner of our 2009 Screenplay Competition.  We are submitting Broken Records to local and national film festivals to bring recognition to our young aspiring filmmakers.




FEB 19-24, 2014 
DC Independent Film Festival, Washington, DC. 

DEC 15
, 2013 

"Broken Records" Film Screening, FFTF, Silver Spring, MD. Website:
NOV 7-10, 2013

Bronze Lens Film Festival, Atlanta, GA. 
SEP 19-29, 2013 
DC Shorts Film Festival & Screenplay Competition, Washington, DC. 

SEP 18-22, 2013

Urban World Film Festival
AUG 6-10, 2013
Martha Vineyard African American Film Festival

JUN 19-23, 2013 
American Black Film Festival, Miami, FL. Website:

-10, 2013 

Our City Film Festival, Washington, DC. Website:

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